Skate the web!

Yippie! Skateboard grip tape backings for the iPhone!

I’m not the first who did it but wtf… Apple has the technical drawings of the iPhone available for download and I’ve got my laser cutter at hand.

I bought skateboard grip tape at the “Titus” skater shop yesterday and the laser is cutting it really nicely:

Skate the web!

Feels really good and looks amazing! It will probably ruin your trousers after a while but you’ll always know the orientation of your iPhone when you take it out of your pocket.

Skate the web 2

The neon pink version doubles as a file for your finger nails…

Neon pink

Do you want one? Drop me a line (

10 € including shipping in Germany.

Currently in black and neon pink. iPhone 4 only.  The design is the one with the two little holes. I made tests and found out that the grip tape does not interfere with the camera or the flash. The tape sticks very well but can be peeled off without leaving any traces on the glass.


(I stole the “Skate the web!” phrase from my friend Tobi, who does fantastic stuff: Check out his art!)

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  1. 1 Ludwig

    Martin, stolpere gerade hier rein, weil ich jemand Deinen Space empfehlen will. Long time no see… sieht toll aus Dein grip tape phone. Hoffe die Hosentaschen halten das aus! Schöne Grüße, Ldwg

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