Skate the web!

Yippie! Skateboard grip tape backings for the iPhone!

I’m not the first who did it but wtf… Apple has the technical drawings of the iPhone available for download and I’ve got my laser cutter at hand.

I bought skateboard grip tape at the “Titus” skater shop yesterday and the laser is cutting it really nicely:

Skate the web!

Feels really good and looks amazing! It will probably ruin your trousers after a while but you’ll always know the orientation of your iPhone when you take it out of your pocket.

Skate the web 2

The neon pink version doubles as a file for your finger nails…

Neon pink

Do you want one? Drop me a line (

10 € including shipping in Germany.

Currently in black and neon pink. iPhone 4 only.  The design is the one with the two little holes. I made tests and found out that the grip tape does not interfere with the camera or the flash. The tape sticks very well but can be peeled off without leaving any traces on the glass.


(I stole the “Skate the web!” phrase from my friend Tobi, who does fantastic stuff: Check out his art!)



I put together this organisation that holds design-slams, where designers do a product-design charette in the middle of a party. The idea is that over a 4 hour period, you smash out a laser-cut product, that will be produced on-the-spot along-side a whole bunch of other designers.

If you like to hold your own event then you can link live to our website. You will also be able to upload the files so we can print them during our events and present them to the audience. See

The idea is to come up with a product concept on the spot…

After the event, we can develop the concept and produce it without going through a long boring process. The idea is to have the product ready for sale before December which can then be shipped in the post.

… So what I would like to do is invite you to participate in our first round of events. On the 20th of November, we are having ‘DesignSmash’ parties in London and Berlin. (possibly also Amsterdam)

I would love it if you found friends or students that would like to participate. Take a look at our website under ‘design something’ and sign up for an event. In the comments section just say that you want to link up remotely, and how many teams are likely to participate.

Please let your friends know – especially the smart architects, students and geometry junkies that you would like to see produce some cool products.

Best wishes from Berlin,



3…2…1… The horn blows and a group of designers throw back a stiff drink before plunging into work.
They are producing a laser-cut object… a design that will hit the shelves in under a week.
They have 4 hours to accomplish what most do in a month, but armed with liquid bravery, a bit of training
and all the materials they need, they smash out a design as you party around them.
At the end of the night, you decide who gets the biggest prize and the pieces are produced in front of you… on-the-spot.

Welcome to DesignSmash!

Twitter @DesignSmash_

… so really, what is DesignSmash?

DesignSmash is a company for designers, producers and all-round smart people who support ‘creative commons’ and the freedom of creative collaboration. DesignSmash has a web-store where you can purchase work and look up the designer who made it. We also offer an open-source file-sharing platform for the exchange of design work.

Design something:

Visit the register page of our website and sign up…

…and why would I design for DesignSmash?

Here are some reasons why you would work with us:
We offer 12.5 percent of our company profits to the designer

We try to promote the designers of our products as much as possible. The designer gets their own page linked to their product(s), and can upload their CVs, website link etc.

We save another 12.5 percent of profits for future open-design investments, free education and training. (we want to contribute to the free education community and invest in other projects like our own)

We try to produce as locally as possible (always looking for producers near you) this means that the profits for manufacture stay local and there is less embodied energy in distribution.

We aim to develop a community through skill sharing. This means that we are developing part of the site to allow designers to post ‘How to’s’, videos, design files, links to other skills sites etc. To stitch people together in the design community.

If your design is produced by us, we send you a free unit.

Open design is something we find valuable.

Our intention is to build a more connected community that has the ability to evolve design collaboratively. People are encouraged to publish designs, add to and modify the work of others, all of the time attributing each change to its creator. Each object can then be traced to its originator. Each object has a lineage and the ability to grow and evolve into many things.

Berlin, London, Amsterdam…

So far, we will be running simultaneous events in Berlin and London on Saturday the 20th of November. Events will be linked live to each other during the course of the evening.

Main Event location:

betahaus Berlin

Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin

time: Saturday the 20th of November 6pm – 3am

Other event holders (London, Amsterdam etc.) will be streamed live to the Berlin site.


Hermann August Weizenegger

Yesterday I visited Hermann’s first presentation as HAW. Really amazing objects! The lampshades are made out of silk, copper mesh, paper-like plastic, latex rubber and fabric. I enjoy the way Hermann deals with the details like cables and wooden parts. In the last weeks I did the laser cutting for some of the objects.

The “Digital Couture” exhibition is at APPEL DESIGN GALLERY (Torstrasse 114, 10119 Berlin) until the 10th of October.

HAW Website

more pictures

Laser cut sounds

My first record! It’s called “you can see stars from here”. I engraved a longplayer in Plexiglas. Listen to the sound of the laser cutter in 33 and 45 rpm!

Book Cover

Laser cut book cover for Florian Fischer’s photo book about Tropical Island (former Zeppelin hangar). More:

Bauer Brille

I started making shades out of plexiglas. Laser cutting took five minutes and bending too. And I found some really nice sheets of old Plexiglas in colours not available anymore. Want one? Contact me.



Originally uploaded by bre pettis
Hacker collective New York City Resistor ( has a brand-new laser. I sent Bre the dinosaur file that came with my laser. Now we can e-mail THINGS from Berlin to New York and vice versa!


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Marc Birri’s cardboard glasses. They come in the shape of a cloth hanger and you have to push them out.


Zusammensteckbare Teile aus schwarzer Wellpappe, die frei kombinierbar sind. Drei-, Vier-, Fünf-, Sechs- und Siebenecke mit Schlitzen.

-> mehr hier!

Digital Calendar

All the best for 2008 and here’s my digital calendar for the first half of the year: